Customer Updates

A Note to Customers about Trader Joe's Offerings of Antibiotic-Free Meat and Poultry

May 3, 2013

To Our Valued Customers:

We understand the importance of our customers' decisions when it comes to their grocery shopping and do not presume to make choices for them; we work hard to offer products we think fit our customers' needs—covering a range of considerations.

When it comes to meat and poultry, Trader Joe's offers items from sources of a conventional nature (where antibiotics are likely used) and sources that do not use antibiotics (organic or explicitly labeled as antibiotic-free [ABF]). Among the antibiotic-free items currently available are: Ground Beef and Beef Patties, Beef Tri-Tip (plain and marinated), Angus Steaks (Ribeye and New York Strip), Beef Filet Roasts, Sliced Roast Beef, Beef Hot Dogs, fully cooked Beef Sirloin, various Chicken items, a variety of Sausage and Meatballs, Ground Turkey, Sliced Turkey, Sliced Ham, Bacon, and Lamb Loin Chops.

As is made plain by the offerings in our stores, we are interested in making available to our customers products made with meat and poultry raised without the use of antibiotics—and our interest comes from feedback from our customers. We go to great lengths to make these items as consistently available as possible and are focused on the value they present—great quality at a great price. In support of our customers' looking for a variety of meat and poultry options, we continue to develop new sources to support new product offerings across a range of attributes, including antibiotic-free (ABF) products.