Trader Joe's Non-edible APP(lication)

September 29, 2014 UPDATE:

As of October 6, 2014, the Trader Joe's App will be unpublished from the App Store. This is not an end; rather, it is a vital part of a cycle of learning and growing. As such, also on October 6, 2014, will unveil a makeover. Read More.

Get an exclusive, first-look at our newest products. Don't eat it. Download it. When you do, you'll discover…

  • ...the fascinating stories behind our food & beverages
  • ...tasting notes from our in-house panel
  • ...creative serving ideas
  • ...comprehensive nutritional information, including Gluten-free, Kosher, and other important dietary designations

We promise not to do all the talking! You are invited to engage the Trader Joe’s community in some fun, newfangled ways:

  • Share what you discover with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers
  • "Yum"(it's a verb!) the products that make your tummy growl and see what else is trending
  • Talk to real Trader Joe's crew members with our handy "Call Now" button
  • Find the Trader Joe's store nearest you with our omniscient store locator map


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