Coffee á Cocoa

February 3rd—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

We developed Trader Joe's Coffee á Cocoa with one of our long time coffee suppliers, blending 100% Arabica beans from Brazil with unsweetened cocoa and the rich flavor of chocolate fudge, to create a taste sensation that brings a little bit of Carnavale to your cup. It's fun, it's lively… go with us here; it's a good metaphor - the coffee is from Brazil, after all, and if we're going Brazilian, we're going Carnavale. Roasted to a rich, medium-dark, the coffee is nutty, smooth & mellow with terrific body and low acidity. The unsweetened cocoa subtly begins the mocha transformation, and the chocolate fudge finishes it off in choco-riffic fashion. Yes, folks, that's choco-riffic.

Whether you're searching for a Carnavale or just a delicioso cup of café, Trader Joe's Coffee á Cocoa will be music to your taste buds. And its price will be music to your wallet. We're selling each 12 ounce can of ground coffee for $5.99, every day - that's a dollar less than it was the last time we advertised it, back in 2011.

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