Chicken and Asian Style Noodle Salad

Chicken and Asian Style Noodle Salad Rather than lettuce, this salad has as its base beds of cabbage and vermicelli-thin rice noodles, along with generous amounts of sliced red onions, red bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, and julienne-cut carrots. Strips of chicken breast meat, seasoned with Chinese Five Spice (a traditional blend of star anise, clove, cinnamon, pepper and ground fennel seed), add considerable lean protein and a wonderfully savory flavor profile. That profile is kicked up even further by mint and cilantro, and chopped peanuts (packed in a separate pouch) deliver additional crunchy texture. How do you dress a salad as unique as this one? We think our choice of a chili lime dressing (in its own tub), with its sweet-spicy taste, is the ultimate complement to all the flavors of the salad. Crisp, cool and refreshing.

And it comes with a refreshing price, too. We're selling each 10.8 ounce Five Spice Chicken and Asian Style Noodle Salad for $3.99, every day. You'll find it in our refrigerated case.

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